Jessica Silverman

Project Manager

Jessica is a Southern California native who kissed 75 and sunny goodbye when she migrated to the Pacific Northwest in 2009. A former public accountant, Jessica was ChefStable’s first employee, wearing every hat including accounting, HR, and PR; she now oversees project development and strategy. Some of Jessica’s favorite things are riding bikes in the summer, working on house renovation projects, and spending time with her husband Sean & their orange cat Jake.

Favorite restaurant: Liholiho Yacht Club (San Francisco, CA)

Kitchen utensil you can’t live without: It’s a tie between a fish spatula and my Vita-mix

Favorite burger chain: In-N-Out burger, of course. I AM from Southern CA.

Melissa Halle

Director of Accounting

Melissa was born and raised in sunny Portland, Oregon where she cultivated a passion for food and hospitality dining out at Wildwood, Zefiro, and Paley’s Place and cleaning hotel rooms at The Heathman. She escaped to college on the east coast and spent a few years learning to care about sports and testing the limits of a “no denim” business casual dress code before returning to the pacific northwest and finding her niche somewhere in the intersection of Excel spreadsheets and the perfect gnocchi. She has a horror of men with long hair and the word “utilize.”

Sara Korhonen

Public Relations Manager

Born to a Finnish father and a Saudi mother and raised between London, Dubai and San Francisco, Sara Korhonen has always had a passion for food and the element of community that sharing meals cultivates. She moved to Portland in 2007 to receive her BA in International Affairs at Lewis and Clark College and started food blogging as a hobby while studying abroad in India. Several years later, still a food blogger on the side, she finally weaseled herself into a professional role in the Industry by interning for “The Hot Line,” a food-centric radio show hosted by Kurt Huffman and Noble Rot Chef, Leather Storrs. That internship blossomed into a full time role as the Executive Assistant and PR Coordinator for ChefStable Group where she does everything from hosting restaurant openings and creating press releases to purchasing fancy mirrors and curtain fabric for new projects.

Scott Allen

HR Director

An Oregon native, Scott was a notoriously picky eater as a child. He hated everything other than peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Thankfully, he grew out of that phase while spending a large chunk of his youth in the back of his father’s restaurant being raised by the kitchen staff. After graduating from the University of Oregon in 2010 Scott ate his way across two continents before returning to the wonderful Pacific Northwest. Once home, Scott gained experience in sales and marketing with a small natural foods brand before finding his passion in team building and organizational development. Now the HR Manager at ChefStable, Scott is thrilled to combine that passion with his love of good food and drink. Having served on the Board of Directors at a local non-profit, Scott enjoys volunteering and taking an active role in his community. He has also helped his now retired parents start a small boutique winery in the Willamette Valley. When not busy with side projects, Scott can be found cooking for his friends, cheering for his Ducks, and surfing the Oregon coast.

Kevin Chambers

Operations Manager

Kevin Chambers is on a never ending quest for the perfect burrito. A proud Southern California native, Kevin moved to Portland in 2008 for the greenery. Before arriving in Oregon, he studied Business at the University of Southern California and, after graduating, ventured to work in every position a restaurant had to offer. Kevin works closely with the restaurant’s partners and managers to reach financial goals through both innovative thinking and straight leg work. He especially loves the free recipe advice that comes from working closely with Portland’s top chefs at ChefStable.

Elizabeth Jones

Operations Manager

Elizabeth dipped her toes in the waters of the food and beverage biz at the tender age of 13 hustling coffee and donuts and hasn’t looked back. During her free time, Elizabeth enjoys traveling, competitive trivia and non-competitive chicken roasting.

Favorite restaurant: Kachka

Weirdest thing she’s ever eaten: Bee larvae…tasted like honey

Go to drink order: Negroni

Jamie Graham

Payroll and HR Administrator

Jamie is from Kirkland, WA and moved to Portland in June. She studied education in college and found a passion in expanding people knowledge and realized i could do that in the culinary world. She worked for a large wine focused restaurant group in Seattle for almost 10 years and did everything from serving and tending bar to management and leading private events. She grew up Vegetarian for her first 20 years of life for no particular reason other than that her mom didn’t eat meat and she didnt realize what she was missing until college. She craves the sunshine and bought a one way ticket to Hawaii after college. Jamie loves being in a new city with such a diverse restaurant scene and she’s slowly eating and drinking her way though Portland.

Jordyn Brigham

Office Manager

Jordyn is a PNW girl, has have 3 dogs, 2 cats, and 1 iguana. She fishes regularly and hunts on occasion. She’s fished in the Columbia River for the majority of her life with her family as it is their family business. Jordyn does as many outdoor things as she can; including going to new breweries and distilleries. Her intro to ChefStable was by working through Loyal Legion where she learned about the company more and wanted to pursue a new opportunity with them and continue working her way up.

Stephanie Partridge


After years of traveling and living out of a suitcase, this Midwestern gal decided to land in Portland and finally grow roots. When she’s not crunching numbers at Chefstable you can find her gleefully working in her garden or roaming around town finding the best happy hour.

Favorite restaurant: Kachka

Specialty drink: Mezcal with grapefruit juice and chili flakes

Culinary experience in another country: Eating snails in Morocco. They smelled horrific but were very tasty!

Lindsey McNatt


Lindsey, who’s been at ChefStable since 2016 is an Oregon native and doting cat mom of a Himalayan named Gus. When not at the office, Lindsey can be found on the Eastside of Portland eating pizza and drinking beer. Her greatest passion is traveling the world and exploring new and exciting places. You can also always count on her to join your running team or go to a Timbers game!

Darrell Bennett

Director of Operations

A former resident of both coasts and a spot in-between, Darrell settled on his favorite coast; ready to join Portland’s restaurant scene. He is devout fan of the hospitality industry, working hard to support his restaurant habit. When he is not helping the ChefStable family, Darrell spends his time exploring new corners of the world, checking out some live tunes, and overindulging in all things Star Wars.

Dana Alley

Director, Brand & Marketing

Dana joined ChefStable in 2017 after spending over a decade working in advertising and marketing agencies. Originally from New York, she now proudly owns a canoe and considers SE Portland home. Lover of all things food, design and yoga, her focus at ChefStable is working with partners on branding, marketing and PR initiatives.

Favorite restaurant: So hard to pick! Ned Ludd and Shigezo are two favorite regular Portland spots.

Preferred Spirit: Tequila!

Is a hot dog a sandwich? Absolutely not!

Jackie Newton


Born and raised in Portland. Jackie got an Economics and Finance degree while working in restaurants. After college, she moved back to Portland and worked as an Accountant for three years then wanted to get back into the industry.

Heather Melonis

Executive Puppet Master

Heather came to work for the family business after spending years managing the proposal process for a regional archaeology firm. She now has the unenviable task of keeping Kurt Huffman organized and on task. Work she, surprisingly, finds extremely fulfilling.